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Photographers and Correspondents:  Index Page


Mack D. Gooding
Information Officer
15th Public Information Detachment

15th PID sign


Correspondents and Photographers
Burdett, Herb 3/22nd
Byrne, Ray 2/14th
Carey, Joseph 25th Admin Co.
Ditto, Frank 2/14th
Dixon, Sam 4/23rd
Duncan, Greg 2/27th
Elliott, Doug 2/34th
Erickson, Richard 2/14th
Fitzpatrick, Richard 1/5th
Frame, Bill 4/23rd
Freeman, Pete 7/11th Arty
Goodson, Larry 2/12th
Hinman, Jeffrey 2/12th
Jackson, Dave 15th PID
Karlgaard, Karl 2/27th
Smith, Roger 1/5th
Stanmar, Greg 2/14th
Toulouse, Ed 2/12th
Weist, Larry 2/14th
Welt, Roger 4/23rd
Williams, Jim 2/12th
Williams, R. B. 2/27th
Zaldivar, Dan 20th PID



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