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The 25th Infantry Division’s history has its roots in its predecessor, the Hawaiian Division. The images on this page represent a portion of that history, and will be added to as time allows. Click on the photograph to view as a slideshow.


Brick Dedication

On 20 December 2018, the 25th Infantry Division hosted a Brick Dedication Ceremony hosted by MG Ronald P. Clark and CSM Brian Hester.

The initial order of bricks was installed in 2006 and currently contains more than 1,470 bricks. While many of the bricks represent Soldiers lost in combat or who have died in the years following their service, some of the bricks honor the living and their ongoing service.

Since October 2018, The 25th ID and The 25th Memorial Foundation members have placed an additional 110 bricks. Bricks are still available to purchase! Just fill out and submit this PDF Brick Ordering Form.


Each year the Association sponsors a reunion and the location is moved around the country each year to give as many members as possible an opportunity to attend. Thanks to the reunion attendees for providing the photo shown below.

2007 Lexington, KY


Viet Nam

Thanks to Daniel Neff, Battalion Information Specialist for 7th Battalion 11th Field Artillery, 25th Infantry, November 1969 to June 1970 for providing these photographs. He donated over 800 photos, as part of this album.



1975 25th ID Artillery Yearbook

We received a donation of this yearbook and our webmaster scanned and formatted these photographs from the 1975 Artillery Yearbook, 25th Infantry Division.

1975 25th ID Artillery Yearbook