Audio Recordings of the Tet Offensive

52 years ago these recordings were made of 1st Battalion 35 Infantry Regiment, Commander (Tiger 6 – LTC Taylor) and others including Alpha 6 (Chuck Chaplinski) on that very busy day during the 1968 Tet Offensive. The 1/35th was part of the Third Brigade Task Force operating near Danang. Thanks to Dave Crocker, who was Alpha Company’s clerk for providing these, which Gary Dittmer converted to digital format. Gary always celebrates this day as his second beginning and he’ll thank Doc Heubaum for saving him after the 105 round fell short. Sadly, Jimmy Brennan wasn’t so lucky.

Gary Dittmer, Past President 25th IDA (2012-2014), Viet Nam 1967-1968

Read more about the Tet Offensive, A Harrowing Tale of the Tet Offensive, by Sean Kimmons, Army News Service.

Spc. 4 Dave Garrod, left, poses for a photo with Spc. 5 Ed McKenna and Spc. 4 Joe Carlton during their tour in the Vietnam War. While assigned to the 25th Infantry Division’s 3rd Squadron, 4th Cavalry Regiment, the Soldiers helped defend Tan Son Nhut Air Base in a Tet Offensive attack Jan. 31, 1968. (Photo Credit: Courtesy photo)