Division Chronology WWII

Dates Events
7 Dec 1941 Division, (activated 1 Oct 1941, Oahu, Territory of Hawaii) stationed at Schofield Barracks.
7 Dec 1941-
2 Nov 1942
Division occupied S Sector of Oahu with mission of defense of assigned sector, including protection of vital installations (exclusive of those on Army and Navy reservations); co-ordination of defense and naval installations with adjacent Army defense organizations in collaboration with Commandant, 14th Naval Dist.

23 Jul 1942 – 298th Infantry relieved from assignment to Division; 161st Infantry assigned to Division.

2 Nov 1942 – Division relieved of mission of defense of S Sector of Oahu. Engaged in jungle warfare and amphibious training.

25 Nov 1942-
4 Jan 1943
Division in movement by echelon from Hawaii to Guadalcanal. Landed on beaches W of Tenaru River.25 Nov 1942 – First echelon, including 35th RCT, depart Hawaii; arrive Guadalcanal 17 Dec. Upon arrival, relieved elements of 1st and 2d Marine Divisions on perimeter around Henderson Field.

6 Dec 1942 – Second echelon, including 27th RCT, depart Hawaii; arrive Guadalcanal 1 Jan.

16 Dec 1942 – Third echelon, including 161st RCT, depart Hawaii; arrive Guadalcanal 4 Jan.

5 Jan 1943 Division directed by CG XIV Corps, to relieve 132d Infantry (Americal Division) on Mt Austen without delay, and, upon completion of relief, attack from that area and seize and hold line approximately 3,000 yards to W thereof. Division further directed to execute passage of lines through 3d Bn, 182d Infantry (Americal Division), 1st Bn, 2d Marines (2d Marine Division), and Recon Squadron (Americal Division), these units to pass to control 25th Division commander upon his readiness to operate in area held by them, at which time 3d Bn, 182d Infantry, and Recon Squadron, Americal Division, would revert to control CG perimeter defense, and 1st Bn, 2d Marines, to control of CG 2d Marine Division when passing through 25th Division and relieved by CG thereof. Division further assigned responsibility for security of its left (S) flank.
5 Jan 1943-
10 Jan 1943
Division engaged in preparations for attack.
10 Jan 1943-
9 Feb 1943
Division, with 3d Bn, 182d Infantry, attached, engaged in operation to complete capture of Mt Austen and seize XIV Corps objective to the W. Seized Hills 46, 47, 51, 52, 53, and 54; made contact with 2d Marine Division at “Water Hole.” Occupied Hills 43 and 44; continued reduction of enemy between Hills 31 and 27. Division’s elements moved up to Matanikau River S of Hills 52 and 53. Encircled Mt Austen pocket; occupied Hills X, Y, Z, and E slope of Hill 87; advanced W along Snake Ridge. Division seized Hills 87 and 88. Captured Hills 89, 90, 91, 97, and 98.During period 23-25 Jan, Division elements seized hill masses to W and SW of Kokumbona; reached Kokumbona; secured line W of Poha River as line of departure for Composite Army and Marine (CAM) Division; continued advance to Poha River. Other elements of Division effected collapse of enemy resistance in Mt Austen pocket; wiped out last pockets of resistance in Matanikau River valley.

Division relieved by 2d Marine Division 26 Jan; began five-day period of rest and reorganization. Engaged in beach from Kokumbona to Matanikau River. On 6 Feb Division elements relieved 147th Infantry beyond Tassafaronga Point within half mile of Umasani River; attacked to W toward Cape Esperance 7-8 Feb, made junction with elements Americal Division at Tenaro, 5 miles E of Cape, marking end of organized resistance on Guadalcanal.

9 Feb 1943-
21 Jul 1943
Division engaged on Guadalcanal in defensive mission, participation in base development, and training. Elements 27th Infantry moved to Florida – Tulagi area and to Visale. Elements 35th Infantry moved to Russell Island. Division relieved of responsibility for mission by 3d Marine Division 21 Jul.

20 Jul 43 – Following alert on 14 Jul, 161st Infantry, reinforced, departed Guadalcanal for Rendova Island, New Georgia. Regiment placed under control XIV Corps, and further attached to 37th Division for attack on Munda airfield. Returned to Division control 6 Aug.

21 Jul 1943-
13 Oct 1943
Division engaged in movement to and operations on islands of New Georgia group. Division Hq Forward Echelon and 27th RCT (-8th FA Bn) moved to New Georgia Island via Sasavele Island 1-2 Aug. 27th RCT assigned mission of defense of XIV Corps N flank and of maintaining contact with 2d Bn, 148th Infantry (37th Div). Following capture of Munda airfield, Division assigned mission of clearing New Georgia Island N of airfield (involving capture of village of Zieta, Piru Plantation, and Bairoko Harbor). On 4 Aug, 27th Infantry attacked N on Bairoko and Zieta trails toward Zieta. 161st Infantry returned to Division control 6 Aug and moved N to Mt Bao in rear of 27th Infantry on Bairoko trail, attacked N from Mt Bao to clear inlet between Sunday Inlet and Bairoko Harbor. Elements on Bairoko trail reached Bairoko River and established contact with Liversedge Force* at Enogai. Main body of 27th Infantry continued N on Zieta trail, with elements moving around W flank to block trail between Ziesta and enemy-held Piru Plantation. Captured Zieta 15 Aug. Following capture of Zieta, 27th Infantry attacked and secured Piru Plantation, 22-23 Aug. 161st Infantry moved N from Mt Tirokambia 24 Aug; occupied W bank of Bairoko Harbor; 1st Bn, 27th Infantry (attached Liversedge Force 10 Aug), with units of 145th Infantry (37th Div) occupied E bank of Harbor; enemy resistance on New Georgia Island ended 25 Aug.

10 Aug 43 – 3d Bn, 148th Infantry (37th Division), attached to Division.

11 Aug 43 – 3d Bn, 145th Infantry (37th Division), attached to Division.

35th Infantry, reinforced (on Guadalcanal), attached to Northern Landing Force, under commander TF 31 in operation to secure Vella Lavella Island.

27 Aug 43 – 3d Bn, 148th Infantry (37th Division), relieved from attachment to Division.

2 Sep 43 – 3d Bn, 145th Infantry (37th Division), relieved from attachment to Division; reverted to control 37th Division.

10 Sep 43 – 2d Bn, 172d Infantry (43d Division), attached to Division; relieved from attachment

25 Sep 43 – 27th Infantry (-1st Bn) attached to 43d Division for operation to clear enemy from Arundel o/a 13 Sep; attached to 43d Division 15 Sep. Following clearance of islands, 27th Infantry relieved from 43d Division control

24 Sep and reverted to Division control.

24 Sep 43 – Division sector extends to include responsibility for Arundel and Wana Wana Islands.

6 Oct 43 – Following neutralization of enemy positions on Kolombangara by Division arty on 25 Sep, elements 27th Infantry landed on island and established perimeter defense around Vila airfield, occupying last of Islands in New Georgia Group. relieved of mission on Kolombangara by 1st Bn, Fiji Infantry, 11 Oct.

* Liversedge Force consisted of the 1st and 4th Marine Raider Battalions and the 3d Battalions of the 145th and 148th Infantry Regiments (37th Division), respectively.

13 Oct 43 – Division directed by CG NGOF to prepare for movement to Guadalcanal.

15 Oct 1943-
25 Dec 1943
Division in water transit by echelon from New Georgia area to Guadalcanal.
25 Oct 1943-
5 Dec 1943
Division reassembled on Guadalcanal and prepared for overwater movement to New Zealand. Began movement by each from Guadalcanal to New Zealand o/a 1 Nov; main body of Division arrived New Zealand by middle of month; rear echelon arrived 5 Dec.
5 Dec 1943-
3 Feb 1944
Division began period of reorganization, rehabilitation, and training. Following alert by CG SPA, initiated preparations and training for participation in projected operations vicinity of Kavieng, New Ireland, o/a 1 Jun.
3 Feb 1944-
27 Feb 1944
Division in water movement by echelon from New Zealand to New Caledonia
27 Feb 1944-
21 Nov 1944
Division continued training for operations at Kavieng; anticipated mission of Division canceled o/a 1 Jun. Continued training. Early in Sep Division alerted for participation in Leyte-Samar (KING II) operation. Assigned mission of Sixth Army Reserve, with alternate mission of seizing and securing Samar Island and San Juanico Strait. Division further directed to be prepared to seize and secure Panaon Island and Panaon Strait. Division initiated planning for operation, but was relieved from participation therein, and assigned to Luzon (MIKE I) operation. During remainder of period Division engaged in planning training, and loading for Luzon operation.

20 Nov 44 – Div, reinforced (as Sixth Army Res afloat), directed by Sixth Army to be prepared to reinforced either I or XIV Corps in Lingayen Gulf area with one RCT on D Day plus 2; remainder of Division by D plus 4. Further, to reinforced 158th RCT in its initial objective area with one RCT, and to land in the Dagupan-Mabilao area, commencing on D Day plus 2, and move to assembly area in general Binalonan area.

21 Nov 1944-
11 Jan 1945
Division engaged in loading from 21 Nov to 16 Dec. Convoy departed New Caledonia 17 Dec; arrived Tetere Beach, Guadalcanal, 21 Dec; conducted practice assault landings. Ships reloaded 21-23 Dec, sailed to Purvis Bay, Florida Island, for refueling and provisioning; departed for Manus Island, Admiralties, 26 Dec; arrived Manus 29 Dec. departed Manus 2 Jan; arrived Lingayen Gulf 11 Jan.
11 Jan 1945-
16 Jan 1945
Division landed in Mabilao area, Lingayen Gulf, 11 Jan. Division (-) concentrated vicinity Manaog. 35th Infantry remained in Sixth Army Reserve; assembled vicinity San Jacinto.
16 Jan 1945-
9 Feb 1945
Division engaged in operations on central plain, Luzon. Following initial mission assigned Division by I Corps 16 Jan, to secure line Pozorrubio (exclusive) – Binalonan-Urdaneta (exclusive), Division (-35th Inf) began advancing E, secured Binalonan; continued attack E towards San Manuel; en route seized San Felipe; secured Asigan. Elements attacking E captured Balungao; other units pushed S; occupied Cuyapo. Opened assault against San Manuel 24 Jan; secured town 28 Jan. Pushed SE toward Umingan; captured San Leon, La Paz, Gonzalez; reached Pemienta. Secured Umingan; reached Lupao 3 Feb, captured S half of town 5 Feb. Other elements secured San Isidro. Established roadblocks on San Jose – Lupao road and destroyed remainder enemy garrison San Jose; completed capture Lupao 8 Feb.

16 Jan 43 – Division CP opened two mi SW San Jacinto.

19 Jan 45 – Division CP closed San Jacinto; opened Binalonan.

28 Jan 45 – 35th Infantry relieved from Sixth Army control; passed to control of I Corps; reverted to Division control.

30 Jan 45 – Division CP closed vicinity Binalonan; opened Santa Maria.

1 Feb 45 – Division CP closed Santa Maria; opened San Alfonso.

2 Feb 45 – Division CP closed San Alfonso; opened La Paz.

9 Feb 1945-
21 Feb 1945
Division engaged in redeployment and preparation for assault against enemy in lower reaches of San Jose – Balete corridor.

10 Feb 45 – Division CP closed La Paz; opened Mapangpang.

21 Feb 1945-
13 May 1945
Division engaged in operations in Caraballo Mountains. Drove up corridor, through which National Hwy 5 passes, from San Jose to Balete Pass, and advanced into Santa Fe at S entrance to Cagayen Valley.

Division advanced northward 21 Mar in two-pronged drive, astride Hwy 5 and on Rizal – Pantabangan – Carranglan road. Forces in right prong astride Rizal – Pantabangan – Carranglan road occupied Pantabangan, secured Conversion, occupied Carranglan, secured road junction at Digdig. Division (-) in left prong secured high ground E and W of Lumboy, secured Puncan, and in conjunction with right prong encircled and secured Digdig.

Forces regrouped on 6 Mar 45, attacked north astride Hwy 5 and NW along Bonga River; seized Putlan and occupied Anabat. Continued attack N astride Hwy 5, secured Minuli, captured many terrain features, including Norton’s Knob and Crump Hill; attacked to Myoko Mountain. Captured Kapintalan 19 Apr.

Division pushed three-pronged attack toward Balete Pass, with forces attacking E – NE from Kapintalan, from along W side of Hwy 5; and from Kapintalan astride Hwy 5. During period captured Lone Tree Hill; reduced enemy on hill masses on Myoko Mountain, secured Kenbu Plateau, destroyed enemy entrenchments along Kapintalan Ridge; secured Putlan River Valley and military crest of Mt Baruna, and occupied dominating terrain features along Balete Ridge. Division forces converging from E, W, and S secured Balete Pass 13 May, opening Hwy 5 to that point.

5 Mar 45 – Division CP closed Mapangpang; opened Central Luzon Agricultural School.

11 Mar 45 – Division CP closed Central Luzon Agricultural School; opened Puncan.

28 Mar 45 – Division CP closed Puncan; opened Putlan.

30 Apr 45 – 148th RCT (37th Div) attached to div.

3 May 45 – Division CP closed Putlan; opened vicinity Anabat.

13 May 1945-
28 May 1945
Following seizure of Balete Pass, all forces except elements preparing to attack enemy stronghold W of Mt Haruna, regrouped on Balete Ridge and in pass area. Division attacked toward Santa Fe 14 May; reduced enemy pockets along high ground E of Santa Fey and captured dominating terrain features along Bolong Ridge. Elements astride Hwy 5 reduced enemy pockets on both sides of Hwy 5. Elements on L established blocks along Santa Fe Ridge and in Santa Fe River Valley. 148th Infantry maintained pressure on enemy N of Myoko Mountain and patrolled N, NE, and E. Division reduced resistance pocketed along Hwy seized various terrain features along ridge E of and paralleling Hwy 5 N of Balete Pass. 27 May advanced and seized Santa Fe, opening Hwy 5 to traffic from San Jose to Santa Fe and completing Division’s mission to open this entrance to Cagayen Valley to N.

23 May 45 – 126th RCT (32d Division) attached to Division.

29 May 1945-
10 Jun 1945
Following capture of Santa Fe, Division elements mopped up along Skyline Ridge, on Myoko Mountain, in Putlan River – Kabuto Mountain area, and in Balete – Santa Fe – Dupax area; and maintained block along Old Spanish Trail. Division relieved 37th Division elements on 10 Jun in latter’s zone of action.

2 Jun 45 – 148th RCT relieved from attachment to Division; reverted to 37th Division control.

11 Jun 1945-
29 Jun 1945
Division engaged in securing Hwy 5 from San Jose to Aritao, Villa Verde trail, and Dingalan Bay area, and in destruction of all enemy bypassed in Division zone of action. Division assigned additional mission 16 Jun to advanced to W and in co-ordination with 6th Division capture and secure Pingkian. Elements on Old Spanish Trail, having initiated movement on 13 Jun along trail SE of Aritao while other elements advanced N along trail from vicinity Carranglan, cleared Old Spanish and Cauco Trails, with destruction of organized enemy concentration at Suzuga Pass by 26 Jun.

30 Jun 45 – Division relieved by 32d Division and moved to CP Patrick, S of Tarlac.

30 Jun 45 – 126th Infantry relieved from attachment to Division; reverted to 32d Division control.

1 Jul 1945-
15 Aug 1945
Division engaged in planning, preparation, and training for participation in projected invasion of Japan. Following Japanese surrender, Division was designated as part of Occupation Force in Japan.
Note: Data provided by the US Army Center of Military History.