To All 25th Infantry Division Vets of the Korean War

The 25th Infantry Division Association is undertaking a Korean War oral history project. In that regard we are soliciting personal experiences of 25th Infantry Division veterans that occurred to them during their service with the Tropic Lightning in Korea.

We ask that a contribution consist of a short narration of a specific event or closely related events. They can be of a combat or non-combat nature, either serious or humorous. Please include the time and place of the event and in which unit you served with in the 25th Infantry Division.

Dave McDonald, an Association member who served with the 14th Infantry in Korea, has agreed to serve as the editor of this Korean War project. He has previously served as the editor of the eye-witness accounts contained in our recently published Association report “The 25th Infantry Division on December 7th 1941”.

We ask that a submission be neatly printed, or typed in computer quality print. The Association will reserve the right to edit submissions as needed. Project submissions will appear on our website and in Flashes.

Please mail submissions to:
Mr. David McDonald
139 Scenic Drive
Concord CA 94518
Email David McDonald

As a 25th Infantry Division veteran we urge you to contribute to the historical record of the Tropic Lightning by sharing a significant experience that occurred to you during the Korean War.

25th Infantry Division Association