Military Police Corps

Unit Insignia
Unit Designation
First Assigned to Unit History
25th Military Police Company 25th Military Police Company 1 October 1941 Activated at Schofield Barracks, as the Military Police Platoon, 25th Infantry Division on 1 October 1941. The Platoon received its baptism of fire during the Japanese attack on Hawaii on 7 December 1941 when Japanese aircraft strafed Schofield Barracks. In WW II besides its traditional police responsibilities, the platoon was also responsible for guarding prisoners of war, traffic control of convoys, protection of the division command post and if necessary to fight as light infantry. The platoon participated in the Guadalcanal, Northern Solomon’s and Luzon campaigns receiving a Philippine Presidential Unit Citation. At the end of WW II the platoon undertook military police duties in Osaka, Japan. On 20 March 1949, the Military Police Platoon was reorganized and redesignated as the 25th Military Police Company. During the Korean War the 25th Military Police Company participated in all ten campaigns receiving two Meritorious Unit Commendations and two Republic of Korea Presidential Unit Citations. In 1957 the Army reorganized the infantry division for atomic warfare. Under this organization no military police unit was assigned at the division-level. Consequently on 1 February 1957 the 25th Military Police Company was inactivated. In the subsequent reorganization of the infantry division in 1963 a military police company was once again authorized and the 25th Military Police Company was reactivated on 21 June 1963 and reassigned to the 25th Division. The 3rd Platoon attached to the 3rd Brigade was the first element of the 25th MP Company in Vietnam arriving on 28 December 1965. The platoon received a Valorous Unit Award for actions in Quang Ngai Province before returning to the company on 1 August 1967 less personnel and equipment. The rest of the 25th MP Company arrived in Vietnam on 13 March 1966 and was based at Cu Chi. Besides police duties the company provided for base camp gate security, convoy escorts, control of indigenous laborers and the guarding of prisoners of war throughout the division’s area of operations. The company received campaign participation credit for twelve Vietnam campaigns receiving a Meritorious Unit Commendation, two awards of the Republic of Vietnam Cross of Gallantry and the Vietnamese Civil Action Medal. From January 2004 to February 2005 the 2nd Platoon, 25th MP Company served in Operation Iraqi Freedom furnishing military police support to the 2nd Brigade Combat Team in Kirkuk. The 3rd Platoon served in Operation Enduring Freedom furnishing support to the 3rd Brigade Combat Team April 2004-2005 in Kandahar, Afghanistan. The 1st Platoon also participated in Operation Enduring Freedom supporting the Division Artillery (Task Force Thunder). As part of the modular conversion of the 25th Infantry Division the 25th Military Police Company was inactivated on 15 August 2005 at Schofield Barracks with its personnel and equipment to be assigned to division and brigade special troops battalions.