Since the activation of the 25th Infantry Division on 1 October 1941 a considerable number of units have been assigned to the Tropic Lightning. Some units have been assigned for as long as the Division has been active while many others have been assigned for shorter periods of service. Thousands of soldiers who can proudly call themselves Tropic Lightning veterans have served with these units.

The purpose of The Units section is to provide Tropic Lightning veterans with information on the units in which they have served that have been assigned to the Division from 1941 to the present. The information includes the unit’s lineage and honors, its insignia, a concise unit history and the current status of the unit. For ease of locating a unit, they are listed by branch and in chronological order by date of first assignment to the 25th Infantry Division.

The Units section includes the Order of Battle of units assigned to the 25th Infantry Division during World War II, the Korean War, Vietnam and the War on Terrorism’s Afghanistan and Iraq expeditionary campaigns with explanatory notes and footnotes. In addition the campaign participation credits the Tropic Lightning received in World War II, the Korean War and Vietnam are displayed.

The Units section also depicts the Division’s various organizational configurations during the Cold War and Peacekeeping as well as non-expeditionary service in the War on Terrorism. The units assigned to the 25th Infantry Division during these time-periods are included with footnotes where appropriate. When combined with the Order of Battle they present the entire history of the organizational composition of the 25th Infantry Division from its activation on 1 October 1941 to the present day.

Additional pages in The Units section are devoted to subjects relevant to a more complete understanding of the relationship between the 25th Infantry Division and its subordinate units.

In response to requests of veterans of units that supported the 25th Infantry Division during combat operations, information on such units will be posted on our Associated Units pages.