Chemical Corps

Unit Insignia
Unit Designation
First Assigned to Unit History
None authorized 71st Chemical Company 16 October 1986 Constituted and activated on 25 May 1942 at Edgewood Arsenal, Maryland. The 71st Chemical Company was redesignated as the 71st Chemical Smoke Generator Company on 10 November 1942. The company participated in the Ryukyus Islands campaign in WWII and was then inactivated on Okinawa on 25 January 1946. On 10 April 1946 the 71st was reactivated at Edgewood Arsenal and allotted to the Regular Army on 20 November 1951. The company served in the closing phases of the Korean War in 1952-1953 receiving campaign participation credits for the Third Korean Winter and for Korea Summer 1953. For its Korean service the 71st was awarded a Meritorious Unit Commendation. On 15 March 1954 the company was redesignated and reorganized as the 71st Chemical Company. The company was inactivated in Korea on 28 March 1955. On 16 October 1986 the 71st Chemical Company was reactivated and assigned to the 25th Infantry Division and stationed at Schofield Barracks. The mission of the company is to provide the division with a smoke generating capability as well as nuclear, biological and chemical reconnaissance and decontamination support. Company elements furnished chemical support to the 2nd Brigade Combat Team in Iraq from January 2004-February 2005 and to the Combined/Joint Task Force 76 in Afghanistan from March 2004-2005. As part of the modular conversion of the 25th Infantry Division the 71st Chemical Company was reassigned to the 8th Sustainment Command at Schofield Barracks on 16 November 2005.